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Tremella SUii Nutritious Meal Replacement ( English Version )

Tremella SUii Nutritious Meal Replacement _

Belgium Chocolate Flavour

18 packets/box ( 30g/packet )

New breakthrough in the beauty care industry( 4 effects in 1 )

First whitening meal replacement in the world

❥ Youthfulness, Slim Figure, Age Reversal, Ageless Skin

【Satiety, Whiteness, Tenderness, Radiance】

100% Natural, suitable for vegans

No additives or harmful chemicals, no colorings Produced in Malaysia with raw materials from Japan

Product Certification




Manufacturing Certification




TREMELLA SUii Unique Characteristics

Proprietary formula, with 3 major quality ingredients that are patented

Highly popular hot favorite in Japan, Europe, America and Beauty circles in Taiwan

Effectiveness and safety profile authenticated by numerous clinical trials

❥ Simple and convenient, pampering you from inside out

100% natural, without any colorings, chemicals and preservatives, suitable for vegans

SUII - 4 Major Market Needs

❥ Slimming, whitening, moisturizing, eye protection

( 40 Effects in 1 )

Slimming, Inhibits calories uptake, changing dietary structure, promotes probiotic growth in the bowels, diuretic, eliminating edema, moisturizing the skin, replenishing water to the skin, whitening, lighten scars and pigmentation, reduces wrinkles, relieving dark eye rings, brighter skin tone, even skin tone, lightening scars, eliminating pimples, anti-acne, expediting wound healing, elastic skin, anti-oxidation, UV protection, anti-UV, cell rejuvenation, eye protection, fighting eye diseases, relieving eye fatigue, preventing retinal oxidation, reduces blood pressure and blood sugar, relieves joint pain and swelling, mitigating sport fatigue, improves blood circulation, enhances immunity, nursing the lung, improves sleep quality, prevents hair loss, prevents anemia

Tremella SUii Major Ingredients

❥ Ceramosides ( Wheat Extract )

❥ Astaxanthin

❥ L-Carnitine

❥ Grape Seed

❥ MCT Oil

❥ Organic Soybean

❥ Soybean Protein

❥ Fructose

❥ Cocoa Powder

❥ Fibersol ( Dietary Fiber )

❥ Oat Beta Glucan ❥ Malt Powder

❥ Multivitamin

❥ 24 Multigrain

Ideal for

❥ Any age group

❥ Obese people

❥ People with aged and wrinkled skin, pigmentation, acne, liver spots, pimples, scars and skin allergies. Also for flushed, dry, inelastic and dehydrated skin.

❥ People who work outdoors or are exposed to UV rays for long hours

❥ People who work long hours in an air-conditioned environment

❥ People with unhealthy diet and/or improper lifestyle

❥ Frequent late nights, insomnia, listlessness

❥ Dark eye rings, sagging skin, poor complexion

❥ Hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, hyperglycemia


A meal replacement SUii can be used to replace one or two meals a day.

The meal replacement contains balanced nutrition, high fiber content, low calorie content and gives a feeling of satiety, helping you control food intake and calories well so as to maintain/reduce weight. You can also DIY to mix with different fruits in your replacement meal.

SUii’s proprietary formula enables you to enjoy skin whitening while you are slimming down.

Let’s get healthy and beautiful today!!

Ready Stock ( Re-seller and Wholesaler are welcome too )

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