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TREMELLA Enzyme Premium ( English Version )

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

TREMELLA Enzyme Premium

16 sachets/box(20g/sachet)

Product Introduction ❥ Made in Malaysia with Japanese raw materials ❥ 100% Natural, Suitable for vegans ❥ No harmful chemical additives, artificial colourings or laxatives

❥ Sweet and Sour Berry

Product Certification







4 Major Market Demands

Detoxfication, slimming, beauty, Healthcare

Tremella_40 IN 1 Perfect Combination

Slimming, decomposes fats, liver detoxification, nourishes health, anti-melanin, acnes, skin blemishes, edema, expels oil, enhances immunity, promotes metabolism, brighten skin, improves eyesight, prevents ophthalmic diseases, liver protection, reduces fatigue, improves sleep quality, regulates hormones, increases bowel movement, solves constipation, protects against radiation, anti-UV anti-allergy, cell activation, blood purification, antibacterial, anti inflammation and anti-aging

Indicated In

Obesity, Obstinate constipation, Constipation, Oedema, Coarse Skin, Dull dark skin, Aging skin, Acidic constitution, Poor vision, Bad breath, Hormonal Imbalance, Irregular Menses, Excessive Smoking and drinking, Insomnia, Menopausal Syndrome, Hangover, Susceptibility to cold, Lethargy, Weakness

Drinking Method

❥ No Brewing required. Highly portable.

Just tear off and seal and drink

❥ 1 hour before meal/1 hour after meal/before sleep ( drinking it on an empty stomach helps improve constitution; for the weak and poorly nourished, drink it after meal to help nutrient absorption). Drink one sachet a day ( if you want to drink 2 sachets, please check with the seller first).

❥ Drink it for 18 days or more.

Beneficial Effects of Main Ingredients

TREMELLA ( White Fungus )

7 Major Effects

1.Teeming with gel, Tremella can lubricate and stimulate bowel movement. Taking it regularly can relieve constipation and expel most of the toxins in the body

2. Dietary fibre in Tremella Enzyme helps in bowel movement and decreases fat absorption to achieve a slimming effect

3. Rich in pectin, and together with its yin-nourishing effect, taking tremella regularly can nourish the skin and get rid of pigmentations and freckies.

4. It protects the liver by improving the lat-ter’s detoxification power.

5. Its abundant Vitamin D content prevents calcium loss and is instrumental to growth. Furthermore, Tremella contains acidic polysaccharides, selenium and other trace elements that can boost immunity.

6. Building a strong body is one significant effect of Tremella Enzyme Premium, since its polysaccharides, besides boosting the immune system to fight infection, also promotes haematopoiesis and counteract radiation.

7. Tremella is an ancient formula for cough, tuberculosis and hematenesis.

Formulated with a patented Tremella extract, coupled with other expensive natural ingredients, TREMELLA is teeming with dietary fibre which, besides giving a sense of satiety, absorbs excess fat and excrete it out of the body. It can speed up metabolism, consume body fat as well as prevent fat accumulation in the body.It is a low-fat and low-calorie formula, making it extremely suitable for the obese and slimming enthusiasts. Rich in Vitamin C, it boots the detoxification power of the liver, thereby eradicating accumulated toxins and improving health. It can also boost the immunity and get rid of detrimental substances in the body. High dietary fibre content in the formula promotes bowel movement, aids digestion and keeps the stool moist to facilitate defecation.

PAPAIN ( Papaya Enzyme )

Papain is a useful digestive enzyme that helps the stomach to better break down proteins and promotes nutrient absorption. It is especially helpful in indigestion and canalleviate different food allergies, especially effective in protein indigestion. Amino acids in papain help relieve irritable bowel syndrome by preventing acid reflux. Patients with posterior low back pain, sprains and strains can incorporate papain into their diet to mitigate discomfort. In addition, it reduces throat swelling and sinus pain. Studies have found that papain is also a good immune-stimulant and help strengthen the immune system. Because it is a proteolytic enzyme, papain can also help with the problem of intestinal parasites. In addition, it can break down proteins in food.

LEMON VERBENA Its health benefits include

Muscle protection, reduction of inflammation and inflammatory diseases, stronger immune system, nerve calming, removal of blockade, slimming.


An undergrowth in sparse forests, Konjac is a type of alkaline food that can benefit people who eat a lot of meat or acidic foods by achieving a good acid-base balance. In addition, Konjac also lowers blood sugar, lipids and blood pressure; expels toxins; enhances beauty; unblock meridian channels; slims the body; relieves constipation and improves appetite.

Strawberry :Anti-pyretic, cooling down the body, promoting bowel movement, helping digestion, improving constipation, preventing harmorrhoids, nursing the liver, fighting colon cancer, nursing the gut and anaemia, eradicating heavy metal ions in the body.

Cranberry: Anti-aging, preventing peptic ulcer, beautifying the skin, inhibiting Helicobacter pylari attachment to the stomach.

Raspberry: Nursing the kidney, promoting spermatogenesis, antibacterial, fighting eye diseases, anti-aging

Blueberry: Improving eye functions and vision, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, restoring physiological functions, nursing chronic disorders, relieving eye fatigue, retarding aging of brain cells, improving capillary problems induced by diabetes (microangiopathy), strengthening cardiac functions, preventing Aizheimer’s Disease.

Blackberry: Boosting the immunity, helping digestion, promoting wound healing, anti-cancer, protecting the eye, fortifying bones, enhancing division of healthy cells.

Pumpkin: Eradicating heavy metals in the body, strengthening regenerative power of the liver and kidney, helping digestion, protecting mucous membranes, preventing diabetes, lowering blood sugar, detoxifying, getting rid of carcinogenic substances.

Wheatgrass: Eliminating toxic metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminium, copper etc. in the body fighting diabetes, normalizing blood sugar, protecting the liver, lowering blood pressure, eliminating toxins, enhancing blood circulation, slimming, promoting wound healing, relieving constipation, treating various blood disorders, eliminating bad breath, improving myopia.

Dandelion: Anti-pyretic, cooling down the body, relieving a edema, diuretic

Green Tea: Anti-aging, eradicating free radicals, antibacterial, lowering blood lipids, slimming, reducing body fat, eliminating bad breath, preventing cancer, whitening, anti-UV, improving indigestion

Xanthan Gum: It is a food thickener with excellent salt tolerance, heat resistance, enzyme resistance and thawing resistance.

Important Tips

❥ Make sure you drink more than 2 litres of water every 2 days. Exercise can enhance its effects.

❥ It tastes better when it is cold

It promotes defecation 8 – 10 hours later ( so adjust your drinking schedule to facilitate defecation)

❥ You can consume it even if you are having your period. It does not clash with any medications or health food supplements.

❥ It is best not to consume it together with other detoxification products

❥ Patients with severe diseases and pregnant women should consult their doctors before consuming it.

❥ Do not worry if there is some abdominal discomfort after consumption

The product is nursing your body. Keep drinking it and the discomfort will disappear after a couple of days.

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