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Bellissimo Instant Chocolate Drink + Instant Premix Coffee [ PROMOTION ]

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Bellissimo Instant Chocolate Drink 浓情巧克力🍫 + Instant Premix Coffee 经典咖啡☕️ 正式隆重推出‼️‼️


1 box $43 2 boxes $78 4 boxes $143 🆓 5 sachets 8 boxes $282 🆓 10 sachets 10 boxes $353 🆓 25 sachets

浓情巧克力🍫 / 经典咖啡☕️ 2个口味让你选择💕

Bellissimo Instant Chocolate Drink 浓情巧克力 🍫

显著功效 : ❥ 脂肪燃烧 ❥ 提高新陈代谢速率 ❥ 瘦身同时雕塑肌肉 ❥ 增强免疫功能 ❥ 促进肠胃蠕动 ❥ 抑制食欲的功效 ❥ 减少脂肪的囤积 合适服用者: ❥ 单纯性肥胖、青春期肥胖、产后肥胖决心进一步减肥、回复苗条身段,希望改善易胖体质、做运动也难减胖的人群。 ❥ 更适用于顽固型肥胖及反复减肥无效者。对各种局部的肥胖,像圆饼脸,腰圆,小肚子突起、腿、胳膊粗的人效果同样明显。 Remarkable Performances: ❥ Fats burned ❥ Metabolic rate increased ❥ Slimming and muscle shaping ❥ Immunity enhancement ❥ Boost bowel movement ❥ Appetite suppressed ❥ Accumulation of fats reduced Applicable to: ❥ simple obesity, adolescent obesity, ladies suffer postnatal obesity who wish to further reduce weight and regain slimming body, people wish to improve the easy fat condition, and hard to lose weight even with exercise. ❥ best for intractable obesity and repeated failure at weight loss, as well as for various local obesity, such as round face, big waist, bulging tummy, thick legs and fat arms.

Bellissimo Instant Premix Coffee 经典咖啡☕️

产品效果: ❥ 促进肠道蠕动,身体不容囤积宿便。 ❥ 排出毒素,美化肌肤。 ❥ 防止脂肪积滞体内 ❥ 促进胃液分泌,有助消化与消脂。 ❥ 极佳的利水功效,减少水肿现象。 ❥ 提高身体新陈代谢,变成易瘦体质。 适应人群: 局部肥胖:肥肚腩、水桶腰、大象腿等局部及全身肥胖人群。 产后妈妈:产后小腹凸起,久减不瘦需快速安全瘦身人群。 白领女性:不挨饿、不运动、不吃药方便喝每天苗条有精神。 时尚一族:瘦身不是目的,有情调够品味才终极目标。 发福男女:每天一杯,轻轻松松,一天减掉一斤肉。 减肥瓶颈:突破减肥瓶颈期,减肥不停歇,瓶颈期一样狂减不止。 Performances: ❥ Promotes bowel movement, avoid the accumulation of putrefaction ❥ Detox and skin beautifying ❥ Prevents fats accumulation in body. ❥ Facilitate the gastric secretion for food digestion and fat abstraction purpose ❥ Inducing diuresis to alleviate oedema. ❥ Improve metabolism to be an easy lean condition. Applicable to: Local obesity:belly tummy, love handles, thick legs and body fat. Postpartum women:lower abdominal bulge after delivery and those who are looking for a quick and safe way to lose weight. White collar ladies:without starving, workout and medicine, and yet convenient as a daily drink for slimming and refreshing. Fashionable people:for a good sense lifestyle, instead of weight management. Weight gained people:a daily cup to lose weight easily Facing bottleneck of weight loss:break through the bottleneck of weight loss, weight still losing when weight management hit a plateau.

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